April 16, 2020

“What Is the i-Ching?”

The first time I ever heard the term was in a Bob Dylan song: 

“I threw the i-Ching today

Said there might be some thunder at the well…”

I found it very intriguing so I looked into what it was and found out it was an ancient Chinese book of wisdom. That it was divided into chapters and that you “threw” coins to decide which chapter was most appropriate for you on any given. But the first couple of times I tried to figure out exactly how you threw coins to get a reading, I got quickly confused and put the learning process on hold for for another couple years. 

Recently, though, I took another pass at it and found a helpful (if not perfectly accurate)  Wikihow article on it. Not long after, I purchased Peter Crisp’s Little Book of Changes. It is a portable, easy-to-understand introduction to the fascinating divination tool. With a little help from Crisp, I haven’t gotten a reading yet that wasn’t exactly what I needed to hear!

I-Ching means Book of Changes and is made up of sixty-four chapters. The way you determine which ones are for you on any given day is by taking three coins, flipping them six times apiece and recording the results. These results lead you to the right chapters for whatever issue you are most wanting tried-and-true wisdom for. 

I was relieved to find out you can use any three coins. I use pennies (and a quarter) from heaven. After a member of the H.O.P.E. team told me to start honoring my spiritual team by saving any pennies I find, I discovered a quarter and two pennies in the H.O.P.E. studio parking lot. Twenty-seven cents. Which just so happens to be my lucky number! Those lucky coins are the ones we use for all i-Ching readings at HOPE and I recommend you start saving your own “pennies from heaven” (ya know, when the whole COVID thing has come and gone). 

If your lucky coins fall a certain way, you even get two-for-one. Today’s reading was one of those. We got Hexagram 34 (Coming from a Powerful Place) changing into Hexagram 54 (Falling for Love). Here are the self-belief statements I created (as inspired by Peter Crisp’s translation of the book):

(34) Coming from a Powerful Place 

  1. A righteous combination of power and goodness makes me irresistable. I am mindful to use my powers wisely. 
  2. I enjoy the healthy version of “drama”, the quiet storm that soothes as well as it invigorates. 
  3. All the right elements, people and circumstances have to come together for an assured win. Nevertheless, I combine confidence with care so that I proceed with right rhythms, ethics, focus and relationships.
  4. I know that I am headed toward a place of harmony and goodwill where love will be the order of the day. 
  5. I manage impatience and frustration well by knowing where to channel my energy and knowing when to back off or to proceed carefully. 

(54) Falling for Love

  1. I see life for the miracle it is! Falling in love with others, truths or ideas is freedom! 
  2. I prefer the rocky road even if it challenges my equanimity; wisdom is meant to be used in the real world. 
  3. I would rather have ups and downs in life and really feel them then a monotonous, smooth-paved stroll down Easy Street. 
  4. I welcome feelings of love for life and everything in it; the surge of passion gets me off the bench and in the game.
  5. I face my fears; I rarely regret pushing the ‘Surprise Me’ button on life. 
  6. My Magnificent Obsessions paint life with gold dust and ensure that time passes at precisely the right pace for me. Time may fly when I’m having fun but I still know: I have all the time in the world. 
  7. I am the Lover in my world; ‘send’ is the end. I have infinite supplies of love within and require no particular response from others to give me the permission to feel it.
  8. Desire frees me rather than holds me back, because I know how to diversify and make sure my heart is not fixated on any one person, idea or object.  

Aren’t those AMAZING I-statements? Which ones most speak to where you are at in your life (and where you want to go)? 

Please stay tuned for more i-Ching readings…I really enjoy what they inspire in me. And, when we resume live groups again, please join us for Qigong; we open every Qigong group with an i-Ching reading. 

Also, please join us for Strength-based Mindfulness (SBM) Individuals and Groups (via Zoom). We can try to fit in an i-Ching reading then if you request it!