June 13, 2020

Time to Rebuild!

H.O.P.E. is back! Not that we went anywhere…but we are BACK to holding live classes and we’re so excited. We missed you all and we missed being as actively engaged in the  community as we prefer. This blog contains a secret question for you. Something simple-but-powerful that you can ask yourself and that, once answered, will nudge you DIRECTLY toward the life you know you deserve. Read on… 

The theme in all H.O.P.E.’s activities for the month of June is: REBUILDING. And, like the words ‘healing’ or ‘rehabilitating’, rebuilding is one of those terms that implies a backstory. A few things have to happen logically and chronologically before someone can rebuild something right?

  1. You built something.
  2. It got damaged.
  3. It’s time to rebuild

We could jump straight to just asking ourselves: “What have I built?” and “What has been damaged?” but I want to tell a story first, so we are engaged in the rebuild ALL THE WAY, not just intellectually. 

ONCE UPON A TIME, a woman built a mansion. She designed it with loving attention to detail, paying for it with the proceeds from her successful ventures. She made sure it had cast-iron grill work on the gallery porches. She fulfilled her lifelong dream of having Italian columns. She even had a custom gilded weather vane on top of the mansion’s tower, a trumpeting elephant. The mansion was quite a feat of design and execution and building it gave her a sense of agency, satisfaction and fulfillment. 

However, over the years, a series of events led to it gradually being worn down. Storms came and went. A season of loss and illness led to neglect and disuse. There was even a small fire. Through it all, though, the mansion and the woman survived. 

Then a day came, friends, when she knew it was time to rebuild. Time for another bid at thriving. To repair, rebuild and renovate. To paint the chipped places in the ironwork. To rehang broken shutters. And, even more exciting: to acknowledge–through upgrades and decluttering–the evolving needs of the family lucky enough to call it home. 

Before the woman began the rebuild, though, she knew she had to ask herself a question, one I would like you to ask yourself. Right now. 

“WHAT DO I WANT?” Sit with that for a few moments. Don’t skip this moment. It’s for you.

Your responses will probably answer questions like…

“What do I want to feel?”

“Where do I want to go?”

“Who do I want to be around?” 

“What do I want to accomplish?” 

“What do I want to experience? “

You may be surprised at which of these matter today and which ones don’t. Maybe you mostly care about where you want to go. Or how you want to feel. Maybe you just want to accomplish something that you still haven’t undertaken. Either way, you know what you want.  

Your life is a work-in-progress, a masterpiece in the making and H.O.P.E. is here for you. Come visit our beautifully renovated Olive Avenue Victorian in Redlands. Tell us how we can help you rebuild! We now have several groups every week and I will be leading a Qigong group on Monday June 15th (that’s in 2 days!) at 6pm. We sure hope to see you there!!!