November 19, 2019

This Is Hypnotherapy

by Matt Mintz, C. Ht., CADC-I

First Impressions

My introduction to hypnotherapy was when I was twelve. I didn’t even know what it was called. I just knew that a man visited my sixth grade classroom, told us to close our eyes and had us imagine descending in an elevator. Then we pictured walking down a hallway and entering a special room where we felt safe and supported. Mine had orange shag carpet! 

I was surprised at how good a purely imaginary journey made me feel. I remember that session better than I remember entire years of my elementary education; it left a huge impression!

So What Is Hypnotherapy?

Twenty years later, I was studying to be a Hypnotherapist and I found out that the tool our classroom guest had taught us was called Guided Imagery, and that Guided Imagery was a light but powerful version of Hypnotherapy, the pleasurable state of relaxed alertness that helps almost guarantees positive personal transformation. 

In hypnosis, we stimulate our body’s ownTheta brainwaves. These things rock! They help us connect with our Higher Selves, our Higher Powers, innovation, serenity and inner wisdom. Theta brainwaves are dominant when we dream. In Theta, we release what we no longer need and we rearrange the pieces of our daily life so we can prep ourselves for a new and improved tomorrow. 

Hypnotherapy is the ability to do this while you’re awake. To drop down into Theta with a guide (yourself, a recorded coach or a live hypnotherapist) so you can access the power of your dreamlife, but with the goal-directed focus you have when you’re awake. 

Hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis have helped me change my financial beliefs (and realities). They helped me lose 17 pounds. I have lowered my anxiety and now have a resting heart rate 12 beats lower than my own own). I have changed my experience of the world. I have changed my life. And I’m just getting warmed up! 

How About You?

Are there any issues or goals you are curious about addressing with the help of  Hypnotherapy? What strengths would you like to bolster or reconnect with? Who do you want to be? How do you want to feel? What do you want to create? 

In a private Hypnotherapy session, you’ll start by targeting a few behaviors and states you want more of. Then I will help you give yourself permission to fully relax–this part feels so good!–and accept the positive change that is just waiting for you. 

Then, from that place of peace, you will embark any number of imagined journeys. It may be a trip through misty mountains, a solitary sailboat cruise or a journey to a distant planet. On your journey you will connect with inner wisdom that will give you conscious and subconscious encouragement and strategies for your forward progress. Then, we will instill the tailor-made beliefs that will immediately help you feel better about your world and help you take meaningful action to improve the quality of your life. Thanks to the Theta state and Hypnotherapy, you won’t have to force change anymore; you will take yourself to a place where the new You wants what it wants and where what it wants is healthy, fulfilling and a lot of fun. 

My Favorite Thing

My favorite part about Hypnotherapy isn’t the results, though. It’s the experience itself. I love it. When I do it (for myself or others), I feel like I’m walking on a cloud. Like I’m on my favorite ride at Disneyland. Life is revealed as the magical miracle it has always been. 

Are you ready to give Hypnotherapy a try? Call me at 323.762.9740 or email me at Schedule a 50% OFF one-hour session and, with a little help from this certified  hypnotherapist, you will relax into your new life. You are too good to hang out in your comfort zone forever. It’s time for an upgrade, isn’t it?