I have tried many forms of therapy, and GIM has been the most helpful and most profound. I had no idea when I started that it would change my life and my relationship with myself, helping me to accept myself and my femininity. GIM helped me to explore difficult situations and work through emotions in a safe and affirming environment. I realized that I had so many answers buried within myself, and GIM helped me to use those answers to have a better and more authentic life. I will never forget this life-changing experience! AmyLynn is supportive and provided a safe and caring environment. Because of her guidance, I was able to discover new truths about myself.

Jenna H.

Got H.O.W.? (Honesty, Open-Mindedness, Willingness).  Want to get in Touch with Your Feelings?  Want to Let Go of Resentments and the Wreckage of Your Past?  If so, I can Testify to the Uplifting & Spiritual Experiences YOU CAN ACHIEVE!  Through My “GUIDED IMAGERY THROUGH MUSIC” Sessions, I have had 7 “TRAVELS” (i.e. Lying on Couch, Listening to Classical Music, Visualizing Persons, Places & Events – Both Positive & Negative), being Guided Along the Path by a Super Therapist named Amylynn!  Each weekly “TRAVEL” involves an “INTENT” (i.e. A Topic To Visit). It’s quite a treat.  When complete, you and Amylynn debrief your FEELINGS (both Verbally & Artistically).

Steven Kim P.

Doing GIM with AmyLynn is a mind opening experience. AmyLynn is so sweet and definitely cares about you and wants the best for you. When doing GIM with her, she listens to your feelings and concerns and picks a song that she believes will help open the mind’s inner thoughts and revelations. While closing your eyes and listening to the music, she listens and examines every thought you have. She makes you see that the answers to life’s hard questions and concerns come from you and that your body and soul have been telling you all along.


AmyLynn was so sweet, comforting, and soothing through the entire process. Initially I was nervous but she calmed me down and explained the entire process and helped me hone in on what kind of topics to delve in. I highly recommend her, as well as GIM therapy. AmyLynn and GIM helped me get through a lot of walls I didn’t realize I had put up. It was so emotional, and a lot to experience and AmyLynn was such a big support in helping me process everything and not leaving me in a haze. I always felt something had been accomplished and I had a newfound clarity with each session. Thank you AmyLynn!

Jenni M.