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Finding Peace of Mind: Redlands Holistic Healing Group Event: Friday, 3-22-19, 7-8 PM


Bi-Monthly presentations in the fields of holistic health and metaphysics: Join their page: https://www.meetup.com/RedlandsHolisticHealingGroup/

and check back here often for the latest programming.

The holidays are over and it’s time to prepare for the New Year. This session can help make you aware of energies and unidentified emotions that may be holding you back. As a psychic medium, Darlene will give you a message, of a loved one, a health issue, or a significant message that will help you clear out any blockages and clear the way for a better New Year.

If you are experiencing a roadblock, in a fog, or need confirmation on what you think you should do, Darlene Elliot can help you by tapping into her gift. The night will begin with a cleansing of sage, meditation asking all your energy be brought back to you, and then will go around the room to give messages to move you forward.

Reserve your spot! First three that register will get a free gift. $10 for this event.


Fire & Thunder Therapeutic Drumming: Healing the Heart! Sponsored by Holistic Registry

March 23, 2019 1-4pm – Perris Lake Campground
$30 prepaid $40 at the Park

Payment is only refundable if the Meetup is cancelled.
There’s nothing like the raw, earthy power of drumming to transport us to a sublime state of oneness with Mother Earth and our spiritual self.
AmyLynn takes you through the power of Drumming for healing the heart and mind. She helps you release stuck energies, get clear on our true self, and set your body up for strength, healing, and vitality.
The ancients say that the drum is closest to the Heartbeat of Mother Earth. Deep within each of us, the drum connects us to our inner self and shows us the way to the path of discovery and recovery.
Drumming taps into your inner guide and connects you with the rhythms of the universe to bring out your creative, healing spirit. You may even have visions, healings, and inspirational experiences during this drumming experience.
Let the beat carry you to the place where you can let go of anything that is less than for your highest good as you:
–Learn how to express yourself using creative drum beats and sounds, bring an idea about something in your life that no longer serves you and use the drums and process to actively let go of the negative energy.
–We will create a soundscape together, like a MUSICAL “fire” ceremony to help us release.
–You’ll leave feeling rejuvenated with a better understanding of what is blocking your success.
Come and let your heart shine through the drum. Drum and let the beats bring you out of your conscious
mind, into our deep inner soul. The song of the drum is heart chant and it connects body, mind, and spirit
in a unique way to the universe.

Spring Forward Sound Bath! Saturday, March 31, 2019, 12 PM

What do YOU Need to move forward? Let’s go inside and find out what your best spiritual self has to say.

What is a Sound Bath session at HOPE Studio? This Music Therapy experience is much more than your average lay down and feel the good vibes activity, it’s an adventure in personal growth. Before the vibrations are set into motion with Crystal Bowls, Singing Bowls of all sizes and registers, Crystal Harp, Drums, Chimes, Gongs, and surprising and healing sounds of all variations, participants are asked to set a personal intention for the session. Intentions can vary from generalized mind-body exploration to very specific desires in personal healing. How deep you want to go is completely up to you.

Imagine lying down with sound vibrations all around you, live singing bowls (traditional and alchemy), a crystal harp being played directly over your body moving the energy and helping you feel balanced, head to toe. Deep drum sounds layered with the faint notion of ocean waves, chimes, and cymbals. Add in some specialized breathing and guided imagery instruction and the power of sharing this space with others seeking healing and you have a transforming, restorative evening in store that is sure to help you feel renewed! The session is 60 minutes.

Saturday, March 31, 2019, @12PM, Bring something to lay on (yoga mat, blanket)

Space is limited, MUST PRE-REGISTER!

YOGA/SOUND BATH Combo WORKSHOP: Spring Cleaning! 4-20-19, 1-3PM

Come join us for spring cleaning for the body, mind, heart and soul. Angelina will lead us into a gentle detox flow for 60 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of yin and 30 minutes of pure rest accompanied by a sound bath. AmyLynn will provide musical accompaniment throughout our class to guide us into our intention of spring cleaning.  We hold feelings, memories and patterns in our bodies that no longer serve us. Come work your mind-body-spirit connection in this 2 hour yoga/sound bath combination workshop designed like a spring cleaning for the soul. After an hour of energy cleansing poses, you’ll bond with your body like you never have before as gongs, bowls, the crystal harp, ocean drum and much more engulf you in vibration. Come dirty, leave renewed.

All levels welcome, please bring your own mat.

Spring Cleaning! 4-20-19, 1-3PM

Taught by Angelina Ugalde from AU Yoga https://www.au-yoga.com/ and AmyLynn Dimaano, Board Certified Music Therapist.

$60 for 1, $50 for 2. Must pre-pay, spaces are limited.

Grief & Loss Group: Meets Every Other Sunday

Please join us on Sunday afternoons 4:00-5:30PM, every other week for both foundation and interventions that offer a container and opportunity to “move through” grief and loss. We will explore tools for recovery and release including Guided Imagery, Meditation, Improvisation and much more. Education about alternative methods for personal healing and restoration will be offered such as using Essential Oils and movement, as well as tradition verbal support and processing. Space is limited, please preregister. $20, no one turned away.

Meditation for Goal Setting Series

When: Wednesday evenings:  7:30PM-9:00PM.
Where: H.O.P.E. Guided Imagery and Music Therapy Studio
Tennessee Plaza, 414 Tennessee St., Space Y, Redlands, CA 92373

$25 per session, Pre-pay 6 sessions or more $120.

Isn’t the whole idea of meditation supposed to be to clear your mind? Yes, and no. Meditation can be multi-purpose, including helping you focus on what’s really important to you. Our meditation series includes directed breathing, topic or concept based guided imagery, live vibrational music (singing and crystal bowls), some recorded music, and of course, silence. We conclude with verbal processing focused on setting a weekly goal, specific and measurable. Come one week or many to see an increase in relaxation, self-connection and productivity.
Bring your own notebook, writing utensil and challenge.