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Holistic Registry Event: Discover Your Divine Calling- Are you psychically gifted? Friday, 5-31-19 7-8 PM

Wondering if you are psychically gifted?

What kind of mystic are you?
● Psychic
● Medium
● Channel
● Empath or . . .

Want to know how your special talents fit into your life purpose?

What should you do to develop your mystical abilities?

How might you use your unique skills to be of service to others?

Be validated – Test yourself with our fun, easy, affirming mystical examinations.

Come, join in the fun as Michele assists you in evaluating where you are mystically, what it all really means, and how you’ll want to answer this very special Divine Calling.

Michele’s Divine Calling is to help others in discovering and developing their own unique spiritual superpowers. She has been tested and certified as a Psychic-Medium and holds diplomas and certifications by some of the world’s most esteemed mystics, psychics, mediums, and channels – including James Van Praagh, Lisa Williams, John Holland,

Sharon Klingler …and many more.

$10 @ the door, RSVP, please:


M i c h e l e A n d r e s Mystic | Spirit Speaker | Teacher mystic-mentor.com

Holistic Registry Event: An Interactive Energy Experience! Friday, June 7, 2019 7-8PM

Bi-Monthly presentations in the fields of holistic health and metaphysics: Join their page:

https://www.meetup.com/RedlandsHolisticHealingGroup/  and check back here often for the latest programming.

Energy is all around us. So why not begin to learn to interact with it!

Join us this evening and feel the energy held within written words and sense the energy attached to objects.

They say seeing is believing, in reality they should say sensing is believing. Understanding that everything is energy and being able to sense and experience that energy can help with making decisions and can be used to tune in to your own intuition. Starting to recognize unseen energy can be extremely beneficial to your life.

Sensing energy is easy! Join Tina Foran founder of Holistic Registry & Michele Andres- Mystic Mentor, for a fun insightful evening of playing with energy!

$10 at the door, please RSVP


Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowl Introductory Talk and Meditation with Master Alchemist Jeralyn Glass AND Toning and Guided Imagery with Drumming with AmyLynn Saturday, June 15, 1-300PM

HOPE Studio is thrilled to host this rare event with such a special healer!

Don’t miss it.

Come experience the resonance of the exquisite Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls- Profound tools of loving transformation. Join internationally acclaimed teacher, meditation leader, musician and singer Professor Jeralyn Glass for an experience with the powerful gemstone, precious metal and mineral infused Crystal Tones Singing Bowls. Explore the wisdom and grace in the world of Sound Healing, Energy and Frequency. Learn about the Sacred Science of Sound. Jeralyn will work with the tones of both the chakra system and the endocrine system, and the various tunings of 432hz, 528hz 440 hz.

Explore the bioenergetics of your human system, supported by the powerful resonance of crystal alchemy singing bowls. Sound can help balance your energy centers, deepen your listening skills, enhance your intuition and nourish and harmonize your body, mind and spirit.The workshop will include embodiment practices developed by Dr. Sue Morter and you will learn breathing techniques, how to open and ground your voice, and how to tone with the alchemy singing bowls.

AmyLynn will also work with group members to experience toning (where your body becomes the instrument and vibration) and offer some guided imagery and drumming experience as well. This is a magical workshop event not to be missed. MUST pre-register.


Learn more about Jeralyn and get on her mailing list: https://www.crystalcadence.com/

Experience Jeralyn at work!

HOLISTIC REGISTRY EVENT: What is Homeopathy and How does it work? Friday, June 28, 2019, 7-8PM

Bi-Monthly presentations in the fields of holistic health and metaphysics:

Join their page:


Check back here often for the latest programming.

What is homeopathy?

* What is Energy Medicine?

* Why is energy medicine important now?

Our environment is changing. We know this because of the symptoms we can observe- such a climate change. With this energy shift, it has made energy- based medicine a must for a healthy body.

There is a lot of misinformation about homeopathy. It is NOT drugs. It is NOT herbals. Tonight we learn the real deal on what homeopathy is and isn’t.

If you’ve ever considered homeopathy as an alternative option for you to enhance your health you’ll want to know why it’s important NOW.

Dr. Michel Iqbal has 35 years’ experience in the homeopathy/energy medicine field. Tonight she shares this expertise with us.

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Personal Growth Encounter: Sound Bath & Sand Tray Workshop, Saturday, June 29, 2019 1-3PM

$50 for one space, $80 for two: bring a friend!

This is a therapeutic personal growth music and imagery opportunity facilitated by AmyLynn Dimaano, Board Certified Music Therapist. Spend some quality time with the one you love the most: YOU! Working from the inside out we will spend the first hour warming up your personal vibrations and intention setting, lying down while the 34 inch Gong sounds, Crystal Alchemy Bowls, traditional Tibetan Singing Bowls, the Ocean Drum, Crystal Harp, Table Drum and plenty of surprise sounds to awaken your senses and inspire your individual synergy.  After a brief break we will regroup and you will be offered the tools and time to create a Sand Tray expression of your experience in the music. Each participant will get an personal tray to work with and endless miniature options to suite every vision. Verbal processing and sharing time is allotted but no one is required to partake. Photographs of your Sand Tray project can be taken. You will leave with a deeper connection to yourself and valuable personal insight.

Space is limited, prepayment required.

What is a SOUND BATH? Like a vibration-based massage, instruments interact with the water in your body to arouse feelings, insights and deep relaxation. Body-Mind-Spirit connection is supported in this non-verbal music healing experience. Set an intention and find your own personal wisdom.

What is SAND TRAY? Sand Tray is a non-verbal therapeutic process using miniature figurines and a base tray filled with sand. Participants express themselves by choosing and placing items that resonate for them accordingly and discuss the personal meaning of the resulting creation.

Questions? Call or email AmyLynn. amylynn@musicempowers.com

909 8094150

Guided Imagery & Meditation Support Group every Wednesday 730-9PM

When: Wednesday evenings:  7:30PM-9:00PM.
Where: H.O.P.E. Guided Imagery and Music Therapy Studio
Tennessee Plaza, 414 Tennessee St., Space Y, Redlands, CA 92373

$25 per session, Pre-pay 6 sessions or more $120.

This is a support group for anyone recovering from depression, anxiety, trauma, or any current life challenge. We work with directed breathing, topic or concept based guided imagery, live vibrational music (singing and crystal bowls), some recorded music, and of course, silence. We conclude with verbal processing focused on setting a weekly goal, specific and measurable. Come one week or many to see an increase in relaxation, self-connection, and productivity.
Bring your own notebook, writing utensil and challenge.

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