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Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music - Individual Session

The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) is a music and imagery-based therapeutic process integrating Body, Mind, and Spirit to access untapped personal wisdom. It utilizes specifically pre-determined, evidenced-based classical music programs and protocol to induce a Non-Ordinary State of Consciousness (NOS) and sensory imagery experience. GIM is a goal-driven therapeutic process, not entertainment.

GIM sessions are individual and are 90 minutes in length. No musical knowledge or talent required!

Hypnotherapy - Individual Session

Matt Mintz, CADC-I, C.Ht. is a graduate of HMI (Nationally Accredited Hypnosis Motivational Institute in Los Angeles) and is also a California State Certified Addiction Counselor. He specializes in supporting others in the areas of addiction, relationships, smoking reduction and cessation, spiritual development and fear abatement. Matt is excited to focus on your personal need areas for development and empowerment. You might even say it’s his calling. 


Hypnotherapy will help you align the different sides of yourself.

You will bypass resistance and find wisdom-based shortcuts that will not only change your behavior, but change You.

Sessions are 60 minutes long and can be scheduled at your convenience. Read Matt’s Blog entries on Hypnosis, Mindfulness and more. Email or call Matt with any questions.

909 572-1019

Wellness Emprowement Group

Wellness Empowerment Groups

H.O.P.E. Guided Imagery and Music Therapy Studio offers group wellness and empowerment experiences for personal and spiritual growth including:

  • Meditation Groups (including singing and crystal bowls, guided meditation for goal setting and relaxation
  • Drumming and small percussion instrument improvisation for self-expression
  • Songwriting & Multi-Media explorations for increasing self-awareness
  • GROUP SPECIFIC Music Therapy (create your own session goals for Corporate Wellness/Teambuilding or any group needs!) Rates are negotiable. All instruments and materials provided.
  • Private/Small Group Sound Baths
Meditation room bowls Music therapy

Private Group Sound Bath Personal Growth Experience

Come for the rejuvenation—stay for the revelations!

What is a Sound Bath session at HOPE Studio? This Music Therapy experience is much more than your average lay down and feel the good vibes activity, it’s an adventure in personal growth. Before the vibrations are set into motion with Crystal Bowls, Singing Bowls of all sizes and registers, Crystal Harp, Drums, Chimes and surprising and healing sounds of all variations, participants are asked to set a personal intention for the session. Intentions can vary from generalized mind-body exploration to very specific desires in personal healing. How deep you want to go is completely up to you.

Guided Imagery direction and suggested meditation topics are offered based on your personal needs, instrument selection, instruction and verbal exploration with a trained Music Therapist after the sounds have worked their magic makes for an opportunity far beyond relaxation. You’ll take with you a new perspective, a deeper connection with self, body/mind/spirit and even suggestions for continued wellness practice.

Custom sessions range from 3- 10 persons. Private experiences are $50 per person (minimum of 3 people or $150). Larger groups can be discounted.

****REIKI  services can be added to any Sound Bath session. Individuals can receive restorative energy healing during the music experience. Amazing opportunity to renew &  re-balance.  Fee varies depending on the number of participants. ****



Our grand vision in creating a healing space where alternative methodologies can thrive is to serve the community of Redlands and surrounding areas, and fulfill previously unmet needs. If energy follows intention, connection will blossom. Please consider this studio a community studio in that sense, where the needs of the people will dictate the offerings. If you have a sense of what calls need attention please contact AmyLynn with group ideas or thoughts about what’s lacking in terms of wellness opportunities in the area. Together we can truly serve one another and promote a nourishing collective.