Trauma Yoga

$10.00 1 hour

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Product Description


Trauma lives in the body. Trauma informed yoga seeks to help with release and reinstatement of calm in the body using movement, guided visualization, breath work, grounding exercises and an approach that draws on safe space creation. What makes this different than a typical yoga experience? There is no music and the instructor will not make adjustments to the student’s body. Instead, there is a consistent verbal connection and suggestions to rebuild relationships to different parts of the body using movement, breathing, etc. at a slow, contained pace. The student is always in control allowing them to build a sense of security. There are no inversions or balancing poses, everything is designed to allow for a somatic experience that is affirming and in no way triggering. There is no “right” way to engage, it is up to the student individually and what their body says is right for them.  The goal, if there is one, is to help the student stay in their body and reengage with themselves in a manner that builds a new experience. A new mind-body experience can be healing in itself. This offering is recommended for anyone who identifies as recovering from trauma, anxiety, depression, addiction, grief or just a challenging period in life.

Patrick Alan Murad is trained in a wide variety of yoga styles, including Power Vinyasa and

Acrobatic Yoga. He specializes in, and has a special passion for Trauma Recovery Yoga. Patrick has completed the 200 hour certification in Holistic Yoga Flow as well as a 20 hour certification in Trauma Recovery Yoga. H.O.P.E. is pleased to welcome Patrick to our team of healers and supportive helpers.