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$15.00 2 hours

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Two for the price of one! Come work with Elicia Casey, Doterra Wellness Advocate & AmyLynn Dimaano, Board Certified Music Therapist and build those healthy boundaries from the inside out! Oils education, sampling, personal “ITOVI” oil testing and music and imagery guided meditation, we will HOOK YOU UP@!

When: Thursday, September 19, 2019 5-7PM

Where: HOPE Studio: 414 Tennessee St, Y, Redlands

How much: $10

Why: Because you are READY for this!

This workshop is part of a series from the “I am Fabulous” book by Desiree Mangandog. All essential oils have physical healing properties as well as emotional healing properties. In her book she lays out 40 different blends that deeply resonate at a cellular level to release energy blockages and bring positive energy into the body, mind and spirit.

In this workshop we will focus on the essential oil blends that assist you in in creating healthy and clear boundaries with others, as well as help you to not take on others energies that may not serve you. And we will be offering blends that assist in empowering you to be the best, strongest you!

One blend is included with the purchase of this workshop:

* Boundaries Blend (Create healthy boundaries)
* Decisions, Decisions (For the Indecisive or for those who need to make a life changing decision)
* Just Say No (For the people who say YES to everything and end up frustrated and overwhelmed)

* Be Brave (Brings courage from the inside to take a risk and go for what you really want)
* I am Fabulous (Brings upon feelings of extreme self confidence and excitement to the soul)

Additional blends are one for $10 or 2 for $15 (We take Venmo, PayPal, cashapp or good old cash)