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Matt Mintz, C. Ht., CADC-I


Are you a fan of Mindfulness tools

but feel like you don’t practice them enough?


Why do you think mindfulness gets crowded out of our schedule? Is it the spiritual equivalent of eating dry toast? Good for you, but a little boring?


The Mindfulness In Motion Workshop

will make mindfulness exciting again. Mindfulness isn’t about sitting around and avoiding “unmindful” things: it’s an active engagement with life!.


In this hourlong workshop, counselor and hypnotherapist Matt Mintz will lead you through his unique system of poses. You will pair the mindful techniques you already know with their actual physical expressions. And these genuinely pleasurable movements promise to keep you fully in the moment. They’re captivating!


After more than a decade of studying, practicing and teaching moving meditation, Matt has combined traditional Chinese Qigong poses with ones he has created himself. The results:


  • None of the mindful movements are hard to learn
  • Every one of them feels great!
  • All of them get immediate positive results
  • Most of them can be done seated


Matt’s user-friendly movements give increased wellbeing, energy and serenity to any who uses them, from seasoned yoga devotees to children trying it for the first time. Because, like a body of water, your body’s energy supply can get too low or too stagnant. Mindful movement makes sure that neither happens.

You will be fortified against illness, negative emotions and toxic relationships. Matt even used this simple system to cure himself from a case of carpal tunnel syndrome.


You will feel great after Mindfulness in Motion but, even better: you’ll feel great WHILE you’re doing it!


Join Matt and the HOPE team for this game-changing workshop. Please RSVP! Mattmintz@musicempowers.com or call 909-572-1019