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(Music and Mindfulness

for You and Your Child)


We live in a complex world and our children are feeling its effects. Insomnia, anxiety and pressure are not just the domain of adults. Children are looking to food, technology and social popularity to help them manage their emotions. Yet most of these methods leave them wanting more.


Enter mindfulness. It is a collection of powerful, simple tools for managing anxiety, depression, and scarcity-thinking. And it’s not just for adults!

Mindfulness will help you and your children experience more self-acceptance, joy, enthusiasm and serenity.


Please join H.O.P.E. Studio’s newest team member, Matt Mintz, for a workshop designed just for you and your children. You will bond over a mutual love of music and the ability to mindfully enjoy the simple things in life.


Matt is a child educator, counselor, father of two, and author. He will help your family with his fun, kid-tested music tools:




“MAGIC” CARD TRICKS – This is a favorite with both parents and children! Matt has modified a deck of music-themed playing cards and a a handful of tools and tricks that will give you and your children a feeling of wonder and fun as he assists you all in gaining a greater understanding of yourselves.


STRENGTH-BASED PARENTING AND SELF-COACHING – After extensive research and writing of Success Literature curriculum, Matt has identified the 52 secrets to success in life, school and work. Then he assigned a strength statement to each card in the playing deck (“I am sensible. I am resourceful. I am light-hearted”). The “I Am Deck” and will help you and your children identify areas of pre-existing strength so that new, positive behavior can be built on what is already going right in your family and its individual members.


“DUELING MUSICIANS” COMPETITION – In addition to introducing children to their strengths, Matt’s cards all have a musician’s image on them. Participants choose cards randomly from a collection of popular and classic musicians. Then, working with pairs of cards, Matt will give a brief biography on each musician as he plays highlights from their catalog. Finally, children love letting the musicians “duel” by voting for which ones they like the best.


MUSIC APPRECIATION & LESSON – Matt will introduce your children to basic music theory, encouraging them to vote on which styles they prefer. Weighing in on their preferences gives them a good introduction to music without feeling like they are being lectured, and it increases their desire to learn an instrument themselves. Finally, at the end of every workshop, every participant gets the opportunity to play the guitar.


LIVE MUSIC – Matt is a gigging musician and recording artist and loves introducing children to classic music (from Tom Petty to the Beatles). He also enjoys asking students for word prompts then improvising rhymed lyrics and music on the spot. The best of these co-written songs are released on Matt’s Youtube channel, where your children can view them at any time and comment on what they contributed and enjoyed about writing their first song.


If that sounds like a lot for one workshop, you’re right! It is!

But Matt will smoothly tie in these varied tools together

in a way that will be enjoyable, enlightening and bonding

for you and your child.


Please join us for our next workshop.

We can’t wait to meet you!