Dream Catching Experience w a friend $80

$80.00 3 hours


Product Description

What will you DREAM into being?

Make your own DREAM CATCHER Workshop: Sunday, March 15 2-5 PM with Sarah

Traditionally, the Native American Ojibe tribe created Dreamcatchers as talismans to protect sleeping people from bad dreams or nightmares. It is thought that positive dreams will pass through the spider web-like design, and slide down the beads, feathers and fetishes to the sleeper below.  In supportive community, you will explore your needs and desires to inform the affirmations and blessings that resonate most now. Then you will weave them into your Dreamcatcher, with meaning and intention. You will come away with a completed Dreamcatcher, powerfully infused with your unique expression!

All supplies and thorough instruction will be provided.

Please bring with you anything you’d like to include in addition to what we’ll have for you.  Some ideas include; fabric, any type of string, ribbon, beads, feathers, organic material, fetishes, buttons, crystals, bells, it’s limitless!

One Dream Catching experience: $45

Dream with a friend: $80


*No art experience needed! Space is limited, must pre-register.

Offered by Sarah Brownfield, MA

Sarah holds a BA in Studio Art, a MA in Counseling and trained in Art Therapy with Ellen Speert, ATR-BC, REAT. She brings with her over 20 years of experience in counseling and expressive arts facilitation. Sarah has witnessed the transformative power of creativity work it’s magic for people from all walks of life. Join her to dive deep into your creative process and have FUN, explore, discover and find meaning!