Collage Expressive Art: March 19

$25.00 1 hour


Product Description

Find Yourself in the Art Experience!

Thursdays: March 19 & 26, 7-830 PM. $25

Collage is a wonderful way to explore our subconscious and give voice to what may be beyond our conscious awareness. Come join us in supportive community and become curious about what your soul wishes to present for processing and healing, by making your own expressive . ALL SUPPLIES provided, coffee and snacks too.


This group offers opportunities to;

-See your inner life visually

-See higher aspects of yourself

-Embrace your multiplicity and true self

-Process your emotions with images, release emotional blocks

and invite healing

-Express freely and boldly!

-Enjoy the safety, support, reflection and encouragement of others on the path to healing

-Have FUN with self-empowerment and others in our art making community!


Space will be limited, please pre-register to reserve your place.

Offered by Sarah Brownfield, MA

Sarah holds a BA in Studio Art, a MA in Counseling, and trained in Art Therapy with Ellen Speert ATR-BC, REAT. Sarah brings over 20yrs of experience in Expressive Arts Facilitation, and has seen the transformative power of creativity work it’s magic for people from all walks of life. Join her to dive deep into the creative process to have FUN, explore, discover, and find meaning. Read her blog post: