October 17, 2019

Introducing: Matt Mintz

Hello, HOPE community!


My name is Matt Mintz and I am the newest member of our expanding team. I am a father of two amazing children (Jack and Lilly) and husband to Kristen, who is an elementary teacher and my best friend. 

I have been working with recovering addicts for five years and absolutely love empowering them (as well as anyone who needs support in standing on their own two feet). My other jobs have included being a worship musician, a hospice chaplain and an elementary teacher. 


I am a huge proponent of mindfulness and I love to teach it in its simplest (but most powerful) forms. I do Qigong (Chinese moving meditation) regularly and I love pursing both traditional spiritual paths and off-the-beaten-path spirituality. 

Music, however, is one of my favorite tools for connecting with the world, others, my Self and my Higher Power. Whether I am singing Tom Petty songs with my mandolin, songwriting on my Martin acoustic guitar or making  playlists on Spotify, I love creating magical, musical worlds, then living in them. Music is where I go to find hope, inspiration and continued healing. 


I am so grateful to AmyLynn for bringing me onto the HOPE team. She decided she wanted to grow the team at the exact moment I inquired about a position. I think we both knew this was destined to be before we had even officially met! 

I love that AmyLynn and I share a desire to empower our clients as well as our growing team of practitioners. HOPE is already doing amazing things in the Inland Empire and we know that this is only the beginning. In little and big ways, we are determined to be used however we are needed so that our community can experience even more joy, healing and empowerment than anyone thought possible. 


My next blog will be on “Mindfulness Made Easy”.