March 31, 2020

I am Humble (Part 2)

Welcome back as we continue unpacking humility as an amazing, empowered skill set! SEE PREVIOUS POST FOR PART 1!

Like we said, humility is about more than just believing you’re not better than others. Humility is the freedom to work in the world without worrying how others think you look while you’re working. Humble people are sensibly balanced. Able to remain level-headed and dignified yet not idealistic, perfectionistic. We embrace inconveniences, ups-and-downs and limitations without caring all that much about forcing further balance on the world. 

Humble people know that living authentically will be a turn-off to some. And they are fine with that. The more you focus on just doing you, the less you will mind that some people find you boring or unimpressive. And how much easier is life when toxic, superficial people steer clear? 

Humble people are also patient with themselves and others. They value accomplishment but they don’t desperately need it. They enjoy the destiny AND the journey because they trust that, by being faithful with small things, they will probably be rewarded with the opportunity for Big Life stuff too. When the time is right and when their character is right. Humble people know: If I’m not happy NOW, I won’t be happy THEN. Success doesn’t make you happy. Status doesn’t either. There is no weight goal or zip code or song that can make you happy if you’re not happy now. And who can make you happy? You and only you. With the help of your Higher Power, who is more than happy to support that process. And, frankly, a little disbelieving that you are still so hard on yourself, after all these years!

Finally, humble people don’t mind getting down, dirty and working their butts off. We would rather hunt in the jungle than live like a lion in the cage who has their meals handed to them and never has to work a day in their life. That might be fine for some people. It’s not for us. We came here to play. To learn. To gain experience, growth and wisdom. We came for an adventure!