February 27, 2020

Cancelled. Will reschedule. Spring Sound Bath with Guided Imagery: What seeds do you want to plant? Sunday, March 22, 12PM

Spring forward, set your clock and let’s plant seeds for the future together! This Sound experience with Guided Imagery will focus on stages of growing. From seeds, to sprouts to blossoms let’s explore this new season using vibration, imagery and your heart’s desire.

What is a Sound Bath session at HOPE Studio? This Music Therapy experience is much more than your average lay down and feel the good vibes activity, it’s an adventure in personal growth. Before the vibrations are set into motion with Crystal Bowls, Singing Bowls of all sizes and registers, Crystal Harp, Drums, Chimes and surprising and healing sounds of all variations, participants are asked to set a personal intention for the session. Intentions can vary from generalized mind-body exploration to very specific desires in personal healing. How deep you want to go is completely up to you.