Healing Forward: Community Visions : Mixed Media Event

Saturday, July 25 11-1230 PM & 4-530PM



It’s a Healing Art gallery experience? It’s a writing with music workshop? It’s a percussion expression adventure? It’s ALL of the ABOVE! Come join us for Healing  Forward: Community Visions, an Art and Music perspective shifting affair.

What you’ll do:

1. Choose a piece of art from the current gallery showing: Pieces of H.O.P.E. that resonates and speaks to something you’d like to create as you reconnect with community.

2. Write about it with music, while staying present with your piece for personal insight

3. Discuss and reflect (and using fun percussion) with others, facilitated by Music Therapist AmyLynn Dimaano

4. Leave full of hope and positive feelings about the future that you create!

Just bring yourself, everything else provided. Event is for 18+ adults only and requires pre-registration/payment due to limited space. $25 per person.

Loving support for this event provided by H.O.P.E. Healing Art Gallery Manager Danielle Baca

Holistic Registry Event: Personal Guided Imagery Music-Inspired Experience, Friday, 7-24, 7-8PM

What is the Holistic Registry? Bi-Monthly presentations in the fields of holistic health and metaphysics:

Join their page:


Personal Guided Imagery Music-Inspired Experience

This is not what most people think of as a “Guided Imagery” experience!

It’s not the typical You-Tube video or I-tunes scripted and narrated directive where a voice suggests you are walking on a beach, or observing the lush trees of the Amazon to find your safe space. In fact, this is exactly the opposite of that.

This amazing process utilizes specifically chosen music programs and imagery from your own unconscious mind to help uncover hidden personal truths.

Join AmyLynn Dimaano, Board Certified Music Therapist from H.O.P.E. (Helping Others Purposely Evolve) Studio, as she explains and guides us through this informative and enlightening process. This is something you’re going to want to experience!


$15 @ the door. Please RSVP HERE:

Holistic Registry Event: An Evening with an Intuitive Spirit Baby Whisperer, Friday, 7-31, 7-8PM


What is the Holistic Registry? Presentation in the fields of holistic health and metaphysics. HOPE hosts on several Friday evenings every month! Join their Meet up Group:



Tonight Holistic Registry presents something new! A modality you’ve probably never considered before! This evening Olga Garcia will share with us her practice of Baby Spirit Whispering.

Olga has the unique ability to be able to communicate with infant souls in a practice she calls Baby Spirit Whispering. Tonight she will share with us the highlights of Baby Spirit Whispering, the ways in which she receives messages from the Baby Spirit World, and the benefits associated with this practice.

Through her practice, Olga hopes to help men, women, and couples explore a whole new world of connection with their babies spanning from before conception, throughout pregnancy, and after birth.

So join us tonight for a unique experience as we explore the Baby Spirit World!

EVENT FEE: $15 @ the door. Cash preferred.

ZOOM Groups/Individual Strength Based Mindfulness Coaching with Matt, $15 for two groups, $55 for two 1:1 Sessions


Strength-based Mindfulness Zoom Groups WED, April 15 and 29th at 4 PM


SBM Individual Sessions (phone or Zoom)



Matt Mintz, C. Ht., CADC-I


You’re great at knowing what isn’t going right in the world.

And what’s going wrong in your life.

And it’s not because there’s something wrong with you.

It’s because your survivalist brain is brilliant at what

neuroscientists call the ‘negative bias’.

It keeps you alive! Your negativity deserves a hug and a ‘thank you’!


BUT what it doesn’t deserve is to run you. It’s not the boss.

Here’s something we all know: being negative isn’t very fun.

Anxiety, doubt and negativity help you survive

but they directly translate to less thriving.

It’s biological.

Babies fueled with

stress hormones grow faster

but at a cost to their brain architecture.

You want something more: you want to survive AND THRIVE! Right?

The good news is: it’s never to late to “flip” your brain…


Here’s what Strength-based Mindfulness (SBM) will give you:


  • Confidence and certainty
  • Spiritual growth
  • Increased professional value
  • Better relationships
  • Fun (because ‘life is but a game’)

Seated QiGong: Monday, July 20 at 6-715 PM, (every 3rd Monday PM)

Seated Qigong Made Easy with Matt Mintz, C. Ht., CADC-I

Limited seated to provide a safe atmosphere for all, social distancing appropriate! Please reserve your spot. $10

Most (if not all) of the movements can be done seated. Beginners are very welcome! Qigong will help you shield yourself from toxic energy, fill you up with healthy and energy and keep it flowing.


Matt has been practicing and teaching the Chinese moving meditation called Qigong for over a decade. Qigong is a close relative to Tai-Chi.  It is an ancient set of exercises designed to wash the internal body thereby clearing the energy channels from blockages and strengthening the internal organs and Qi or energy.

Here’s what Qigong will give you:


  • Peace and serenity
  • A physical connection with your Higher Power (called Direct Prayer)
  • Increased flexibility and fewer injuries (Matt cured his own Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Qigong alone)
  • The magical feel of your life force as it flows through your hands

Matt has made it easy-to-learn, intensely effective and, most of all, FUN!. He has learned a multitude of poses over the years. And thrown out most of them! He will ONLY teach you the ones that are powerful, effective and easy-to-learn


Questions? Want to chat with Matt?  Please RSVP.

Mattmintz@musicempowers.com or call 909-572-1019

Chair Yoga and Sound Meditation: Saturday, July 18, 10-11:30AM

Saturday, July  18th @ 10AM

How would you like to MOVE through 2020? Join us at H.O.P.E.Studio for a Chair Yoga class that will get you going, at a pace that works for you and your body! This Beginners Chair Yoga session will include deep breathing techniques, basic stretches and meditation. The class is open to everyone of all fitness levels and will include modifications to fit the needs of the group. This is a great class for anyone who has wanted to try Yoga, but is a bit nervous to start on a mat or for those wanting a gentle paced class. 

Vanessa Nevarez is a certified yoga instructor with over 200 hours of training. She has her own business called Yoga with Finesse and believes  in a holistic practice on and off the mat for overall wellness. HOPE is delighted to have her join our team and hopes to offer this group regularly. Welcome Vanessa!

AmyLynn will add guided sound meditation to make this a truly well rounded healing experience. Open to all ages and all levels. Space is limited, PLEASE RSVP.


Led by: Vanessa Nevarez and AmyLynn

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