Goddess Moon Circle Workshop Premiere: Sunday, Oct 11, 4-6 PM

The different phases of the moon influence everyone generally (seasons for example), but also can have profound effects on each individual.   This workshop will help you align  with your personal Moon Rhythm by teaching the principles of  ancient wisdom that influences our day to day life.

We’ll focus on tools that will support you in understanding and using the moon cycles to your best advantage including: Essential oil blends for support, Crystals, Meditation, journaling.  breathwork and movement. Ritual (I.e. purification, release, self protection, self image), there might be vision board making involved and use of affirmations. We’d like to have this workshop become an ongoing offering in 2021, so get in on the ground floor and find out what’s it’s going to be all about!

Space is limited due to Covid restrictions. Attendees MUST Pre-pay to register.

Taught by Anika Hayes: Anika has been working as a Master Reiki practitioner and energetic healer for 25 years as well as a Licensed Massage Therapist. She has extensive training in more healing arts than we can mention (aromatherapy, herbology, dragon qigong, chakra and crystal healing work, and so much more— she even makes amazing healing jewelry). H.O.P.E. is very pleased to offer this special workshop and bring Anika’s wealth of knowledge to others.

Holistic Registry Event: Practical Magic With Crista Marie Miller, Fri, 10-16 7-8 PM

What is the  Holistic Registry? Holistic Registry is a network of Holistic Health & Metaphysical practitioners sharing their knowledge with the community. We provide ongoing events in multiple locations. Please check out our website http://www.HolisticRegistry.com . There you’ll find events, locations and a directory of Holistic Health and Metaphysical practitioners.

Tonight, Amazing Medium Crista Marie Miller will share personal ceremony and ritual techniques





My maternal ancestors were French Creole. My whole spiritual world widened when I found a locked box of my Great Grandmothers. I took it to a lock smith, and inside were Louisiana Voodoo trinkets, and even a calling card from Marie Laveau.

I dove into my ancestry, and through channeling with various ancestral Spirits learned my own spin of personal ceremony. I instinctively know what rituals to do for myself and others. Tonight we will learn some unique casting techniques for protection, grounding, cutting chords, and manifestation.
• What is Louisiana Voodoo really, as I have learned it from Spirit
• What is the difference between magic and ritual
• Common basics for a ritual
• Spiritual tools for protection from my ancestral lineage
• Manifestation tools specialized for you
• Extra steps to add into your daily grounding practice, for additional
• How I call in Arch Angels and Guides in assistance to cutting chords

$15 @ the door, PLEASE RSVP.

Halloween Night Sound Bath @ 6PM Spooky Vibrations

Can’t dress up this year as your favorite Super Hero? Afraid of the dark souls among us?  Come face those fears by choosing an occasion based focus on Halloween Night and allowing some spooky vibrations to help you get clarity about what stands in the way of more joy. Candy provided! $25 for one space/ $40 for two. Seating is LIMITED, must preregister to secure a spot.

Come for the rejuvenation—stay for the revelations!
Everyone could use more self-care, but we never take the time. Here’s a chance to sneak it in, to slow down and reboot yourself from the inside out.

What is a Sound Bath session at HOPE Studio? This Music Therapy experience is much more than your average lay down and feel the good vibes activity, it’s an adventure in personal growth. Before the vibrations are set into motion with Crystal Bowls, Singing Bowls of all sizes and registers, Crystal Harp, Drums, Chimes and surprising and healing sounds of all variations, participants are asked to set a personal intention for the session. Intentions can vary from generalized mind-body exploration to very specific desires in personal healing. How deep you want to go is completely up to you.


Crystal Bowls

ZOOM Groups/Individual Strength Based Mindfulness Coaching with Matt, $15 for two groups, $55 for two 1:1 Sessions


Strength-based Mindfulness Zoom Groups WED, April 15 and 29th at 4 PM


SBM Individual Sessions (phone or Zoom)



Matt Mintz, C. Ht., CADC-I


You’re great at knowing what isn’t going right in the world.

And what’s going wrong in your life.

And it’s not because there’s something wrong with you.

It’s because your survivalist brain is brilliant at what

neuroscientists call the ‘negative bias’.

It keeps you alive! Your negativity deserves a hug and a ‘thank you’!


BUT what it doesn’t deserve is to run you. It’s not the boss.

Here’s something we all know: being negative isn’t very fun.

Anxiety, doubt and negativity help you survive

but they directly translate to less thriving.

It’s biological.

Babies fueled with

stress hormones grow faster

but at a cost to their brain architecture.

You want something more: you want to survive AND THRIVE! Right?

The good news is: it’s never to late to “flip” your brain…


Here’s what Strength-based Mindfulness (SBM) will give you:


  • Confidence and certainty
  • Spiritual growth
  • Increased professional value
  • Better relationships
  • Fun (because ‘life is but a game’)

Speak your TRUTH, Find your VOICE Empowerment Workshop, Tues, 9-15, 7PM

Sometimes it’s hard to speak up. With so much noise around us lately, it’s challenging to know what our truth really is. We can work on that! Workshop will begin with a group throat Chakra meditation and toning session (humming in the throat to match other sounds and open the expression energy center) followed by individual time visiting different stations set up with “expressive options” (drums, coloring, percussion, etc) where you can explore speaking your truth in different ways. We’ll conclude with sharing and discussion about how to find safe self-expression in your day to day life.


AmyLynn Dimaano is a Board Certified Music Therapist and Drug/Alcohol Counselor specializing in grief, trauma and the shifting of personal struggles. She will be leading you through this adventurous workshop.

Space is limited for social distancing compliance, pre-payment is required.

Any questions? amylynn@musicempowers.com

Guided Imagery & Meditation Support Group every Wednesday 730-9PM

When: Every Wednesday evening:  7:30PM-9:00PM.
What: H.O.P.E. Together: Therapeutic Music Wellness Support Group

Try it out: First session is free!

$15 per session, Pre-pay 10 sessions  for $120.

This is a Music Therapy support group for anyone recovering from depression, anxiety, trauma, or any current life challenge. We explore breathing, guided imagery, writing and making art with music, improvisation, and more.

We conclude with verbal processing focused on setting a weekly goal, specific and measurable. Come one week or many to see an increase in relaxation, self-connection, and productivity.

Bring your own notebook, writing utensil and challenge.

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