August 22, 2019

Holistic Registry Event: Saturday, December 14, 2019, 7-9 PM Seasons Greetings from the “Other Side”

What is the  Holistic Registry? Holistic Registry is a network of Holistic Health & Metaphysical practitioners sharing their knowledge with the community. We provide ongoing events in multiple locations. Please check out our website . There you’ll find events, locations and a directory of Holistic Health and Metaphysical practitioners.

The holidays can be a time of joy and fun; time filled with holiday traditions and family get togethers.

This can also be a time of sorrow if we have loved ones that will not be with us to join in these time honored traditions. Tonight we will communicate with our loved ones to hear the messages they have to share with us.

Tonight’s event is a very distinctive spirit circle.

Where traditional spirit circles place expectations on participates to identify individuals who come through and to ask questions of those individuals, tonight we will deter from this concept completely. Our mediums will connect with loved ones on the other side and seek the messages they feel are most important to deliver during this very special time of year.

We will start with a circle of silence in which our gifted mediums will take note of your loved ones messages. The messages gathered within this sacred space will be shared with the group. This process will repeat within the allotted time frame, gathering as many messages as is possible for as many people as possible. Depending on the number of attendees, we cannot guarantee everyone will receive a message. However, as in traditional spirit circles, the messages received can be appropriate for both the specific individual and the group at large.

Our evening will conclude with Brandie and Michele sharing their personal techniques on how to bring about peace and alignment when thinking of our departed loved ones.

Brandi K and Michele Andres come together to bring you a these messages from your loved ones.

EVENT FEE: $30, 7-9 PM

As a child Brandi’s ability to see spirit was frightening and she pushed it away. As she grew up, though, she learned to embrace her gift it. Doing that turned her life around.

Her mission now is to provide healing and support for those on both sides of the “veil,”giving messages with love ,compassion, honesty and integrity.
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Michele has always had an extraordinary connection with her Spirit Team, gifting her with undeniable intuitive insights.
Her main goal in life is empowering others to realize and develop their own, unique mystical abilities.

Michele hosts Mystic-Mentor on Facebook, and is the author of: Tarot Compass (an intentionally intuitive life planning system) Epiphanies Tarot (a divination deck designed to intensify your intuition).
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