September 17, 2019

Holistic Registry Event: Psychometry Readings with Brandie Kae-Psychic Medium, Friday, February 28 @ 7 PM

What is the Holistic Registry? Bi-Monthly presentations in the fields of holistic health and metaphysics:

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Join Brandie for a fun-filled evening of psychometry readings!

Psychometry involves reading the energy of an object, such as a piece of jewelry, picture, antique, etc.
If you have an object you’ve always wanted to know more about please bring it to the meeting! Make sure to bring an object that you can validate some of the information, but not necessarily all of the info.
We also ask that objects are fairly small in size.

Brandie will make every attempt to read as many objects as possible, even if your object isn’t choose for a reading this is a fun and interesting experience.

About Brandie;
Brandie Kae started work as a Psychic Medium about seven years ago, but her abilities started long before that. As a child she could always sense spirit. Through the years the connection with Spirit grew so strong it could no longer be ignored. “I use many different senses to connect to spirit, clairaudience and clairvoyance are some of my more intense senses. I gather as much information as possible so that I can deliver messages, and provide clarity.”


$10 @ the door. Please RSVP HERE: