April 11, 2019

Holistic Registry Event: Paranormal Show & Tell, Friday, 10-23, 7-8PM

We’ve all seen the shows on TV, paranormal investigators exploring different locations where paranormal activity is happening. Ever wonder how much of this phenomenon is staged?

Ever wonder- is that real?

Ever wonder what really goes into a paranormal investigation of a home or business?

Do the investigators need to be psychic or mediums to do this type of work?

What happens when the cool ghost hunting equipment indicates there is the presence of a ghost-what then?

Tonight Nicole Bucher founder of Hemet Ghost Hunters sheds some light on these questions and more. Nichole will be bringing some of her cool ghost hunting equipment to show us how it works.
This is your opportunity to hear and see first hand how all of this really works.
Come prepared with your questions, Nicole has answers.

$15 @ the door. Cash preferred. Please RSVP: