September 17, 2019

Holistic Registry Event: Friday, December 6, 7-9PM, Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever- Your GPS for Success

What is the Holistic Registry? Bi-Monthly presentations in the fields of holistic health and metaphysics:

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Tarot + Numerology + the Calendar = your GPS to success

Two hour class
FREE Tarot Compass Planner included
Event fee:$25

Make 2020 your best year ever with your own Tarot Compass Planner + operating instructions for this individualized planning system.

In this interactive workshop Michele Andres of will share her unique calendar and planning system that blends your individual numerological makeup with tarot to create your own personal life planner.

Each participant will learn about their individual Tarot Compass Card based on their sun number in numerology, then the layout for utilizing their Tarot Card of the Year, Tarot Card of the Month, and Tarot Card of the Day throughout the calendar.

Your Tarot Compass Planning System is your GPS to success, containing:

~ Personal Tarot Day Planner

~ Exceptional goal attaining with Tarot, based on your numbers.

~ Intuitive Life Planning tarot spreads.

~ Implementation strategy using intention + intuition.

~ Activities to accentuate living a tarot life.

~ Workbook + pdf blueprint and downloadable instructions included.

Tarot Compass is exclusively yours.

Because you’re tapping into your own distinctive numbers and playing out your own respective tarot cards, Tarot Compass will give you the direction and strategies to thrive in life like no other planning system.



$25 @ the door. Please RSVP HERE: