April 11, 2019

Holistic Registry Event: An Evening with an Intuitive Spirit Baby Whisperer, Friday, 7-31, 7-8PM


What is the Holistic Registry? Presentation in the fields of holistic health and metaphysics. HOPE hosts on several Friday evenings every month! Join their Meet up Group:



Tonight Holistic Registry presents something new! A modality you’ve probably never considered before! This evening Olga Garcia will share with us her practice of Baby Spirit Whispering.

Olga has the unique ability to be able to communicate with infant souls in a practice she calls Baby Spirit Whispering. Tonight she will share with us the highlights of Baby Spirit Whispering, the ways in which she receives messages from the Baby Spirit World, and the benefits associated with this practice.

Through her practice, Olga hopes to help men, women, and couples explore a whole new world of connection with their babies spanning from before conception, throughout pregnancy, and after birth.

So join us tonight for a unique experience as we explore the Baby Spirit World!

EVENT FEE: $15 @ the door. Cash preferred.