Mindful Movement w/ Megan “Love YOU: Body, Mind, and Soul” Sat, Feb 27 11AM-12PM

Love YOU: Body, Mind, and Soul

Mindful Movement returns with a special workshop focused on loving ourselves for the wonderful beings that we are. Using creative movement, we will celebrate all the parts that we love about our bodies, our minds, and our souls. Remember, you don’t need any prior dance experience to attend a Mindful Movement workshop. Just an open mind, an open heart and a willingness to be creative. Take time for yourself and come move with us!

Megan Shaffer is a registered dance/movement therapist. She obtained her M.A. in clinical counseling with a specialization in dance/movement therapy at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA and holds a B.F.A. in dance performance from California State University, Long Beach. As a dance/movement therapist, Megan has worked with children, adolescents, and adults, focusing on crisis, trauma, depression, and anxiety. She enjoys using creative movement, yoga, and mindfulness movement practices to create and build community within each session. She is currently interested in investigating the use of creative process and performance as intervention tools to help clients learn about and make sense of their past, so they may heal and move forward. Her passion for mind and body work also includes teaching Pilates. Megan is working towards her board certification as a dance/movement therapist (BC-DMT) and is happy to be a part of the H.O.P.E Therapeutic Arts Wellness Team.

Rhythm of Love: Valentine’s Day Sound Bath Sunday, Feb 14, 3-4PM

Why do we love LOVE? Love makes us feel connected, to others,  and to ourselves. In this musical meditation experience we’ll focus on individual sounds and their connections to other sounds. We’ll investigate, observe and merge with both experiences, celebrating all kinds of “love.” Come with a partner, friend, or simply honor the most important relationship in your life, the one with yourself. Led by Board Certified Music Therapist, AmyLynn Dimaano, MT-BC, CADC-II.

Space is limited. ONLY Pre-paid spaces will be confirmed.

  • $30 for one, $50 for two.

What is a SOUND BATH? Like a vibration-based massage, instruments interact with the water in your body to arouse feelings, insights and deep relaxation. Body-Mind-Spirit connection is supported in this non-verbal music healing experience. Set an intention and find your own personal wisdom.


This month’s poses and guided imagery will revolve around the practice of loving ourselves unconditionally and realizing that love is a truly intense and powerful flow of energy that we can all access whenever we want.

Shield and energize yourself with Matt Mintz’s ever-evolving energy work techniques. Beginners are very welcome. You will connect with your body’s invisible energy in seconds and, believe us, it will feel amazing!

  • Held every 3rd Monday 6-7:00pm
  • $15/person
  • 214 E. Olive Avenue, Redlands, CA 92373

Holistic Registry Event: How to Allow the Spiritual Laws to Empower You Fri, Feb 5th 7-8PM

In spiritual and new age circles, there is a lot of emphasis placed on the Law of Attraction.

But if thinking, feeling, and believing don’t seem to be working for you, it’s simply because working with just the law of attraction is not enough; order comes through understanding how all the spiritual laws work together.

Join us this evening, Deanna Joseph will be discussing several of the spiritual laws. When you understand how they work together, you become a more empowered creator.

Deanna Joseph- Speaker / Teacher and Minister at Unity of Yucaipa Spiritual Center. I’m here to remind you that you are more than your body, and more than the conditions that fill your life. You are a Soul created with intention and purpose; we are here, together, right now, to live our divinity through our adventures in humanity.


Join us in person or online!
Zoom link emailed to paid attendees, day before event. Event Fee $15

FREE! Guided Imagery and Meditation, Music Therapy DEMO w/ AmyLynn Fri, Feb 12th 7-8:30PM

What is Music Psychotherapy? What can Music Therapy do for me?

We all know music is powerful, but did you know it can boost your healing and personal growth? The entire brain is engaged to process the complexity of music, which means the part that processes feelings and the part that accesses logic can partner when music is in the mix!

Attend a free demonstration led by Board Certified Music Therapist AmyLynn Dimaano and experience a taste of this process for yourself. If you’ve tried more traditional forms of therapy, or if you just feel ready for a different approach to wellness, the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music might be for you.

Wanna know more? https://musicempowers.com/what-is-gim/

We kindly ask you to please RSVP at the link below!

Fri, February 12, 7-830 PM. Refreshments served.

Questions? Call or email AmyLynn: amylynn@musicempowers.com/909-809-4150

Location: H.O.P.E. Therapeutic Arts Wellness Studio

214 E. Olive Ave, Redlands


HypnoCounselor Matt Mintz continues 2021’s monthly theme-based Hypnotherapy groups! “Hypnotherapy for Life Balance” will be a powerful community hypnosis experience where everyone who participates will be guided through an interactive imagery journey. Your journey will help you reclaim unsupportive energy investments, renew your commitment to balance in all life areas and, finally, surrender to the process of expansion and personal growth. We can’t wait to see you there!

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