Seated Qi-Gong — Every 3rd Monday evening at 6-715 PM

Qigong Made Easy with Matt Mintz, C. Ht., CADC-I

Most (if not all) of the movements can be done seated. Beginners are very welcome! Qigong will help you shield yourself from toxic energy, fill you up with healthy and energy and keep it flowing.


Matt has been practicing and teaching the Chinese moving meditation called Qigong for over a decade. Qigong is a close relative to Tai-Chi.  It is an ancient set of exercises designed to wash the internal body thereby clearing the energy channels from blockages and strengthening the internal organs and Qi or energy.

Here’s what Qigong will give you:


  • Peace and serenity
  • A physical connection with your Higher Power (called Direct Prayer)
  • Increased flexibility and fewer injuries (Matt cured his own Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Qigong alone)
  • The magical feel of your life force as it flows through your hands

Matt has made it easy-to-learn, intensely effective and, most of all, FUN!. He has learned a multitude of poses over the years. And thrown out most of them! He will ONLY teach you the ones that are powerful, effective and easy-to-learn


Questions? Want to chat with Matt?  Please RSVP. or call 909-572-1019


Make your own DREAM CATCHER Workshop: Sunday, March 15 2-5 PM with Sarah

What will you DREAM into being?

Make your own DREAM CATCHER Workshop: Sunday, March 15 2-5 PM with Sarah

Traditionally, the Native American Ojibe tribe created Dreamcatchers as talismans to protect sleeping people from bad dreams or nightmares. It is thought that positive dreams will pass through the spider web-like design, and slide down the beads, feathers and fetishes to the sleeper below.  In supportive community, you will explore your needs and desires to inform the affirmations and blessings that resonate most now. Then you will weave them into your Dreamcatcher, with meaning and intention. You will come away with a completed Dreamcatcher, powerfully infused with your unique expression!

All supplies and thorough instruction will be provided.

Please bring with you anything you’d like to include in addition to what we’ll have for you.  Some ideas include; fabric, any type of string, ribbon, beads, feathers, organic material, fetishes, buttons, crystals, bells, it’s limitless!

One Dream Catching experience: $45

Dream with a friend: $80


*No art experience needed! Space is limited, must pre-register.

Offered by Sarah Brownfield, MA

Sarah holds a BA in Studio Art, a MA in Counseling and trained in Art Therapy with Ellen Speert, ATR-BC, REAT. She brings with her over 20 years of experience in counseling and expressive arts facilitation. Sarah has witnessed the transformative power of creativity work it’s magic for people from all walks of life. Join her to dive deep into your creative process and have FUN, explore, discover and find meaning!

Collage for Self-Discovery: An Expressive Art Experience with Sarah. Thursdays March 19 & 26, 7-830PM

Find Yourself in the Art Experience!

Thursdays: March 19 & 26, 7-830 PM. $25

Starting April: 2nd and 4th Thursday nights every month!

Collage is a wonderful way to explore our subconscious and give voice to what may be beyond our conscious awareness. Come join us in supportive community and become curious about what your soul wishes to present for processing and healing, by making your own expressive . ALL SUPPLIES provided, coffee and snacks too.


This group offers opportunities to;

-See your inner life visually

-See higher aspects of yourself

-Embrace your multiplicity and true self

-Process your emotions with images, release emotional blocks

and invite healing

-Express freely and boldly!

-Enjoy the safety, support, reflection and encouragement of others on the path to healing

-Have FUN with self-empowerment and others in our art making community!


Space will be limited, please pre-register to reserve your place.

Offered by Sarah Brownfield, MA

Sarah holds a BA in Studio Art, a MA in Counseling, and trained in Art Therapy with Ellen Speert ATR-BC, REAT. Sarah brings over 20yrs of experience in Expressive Arts Facilitation, and has seen the transformative power of creativity work it’s magic for people from all walks of life. Join her to dive deep into the creative process to have FUN, explore, discover, and find meaning. Read her blog post:

Recovery Based Yoga Meeting: Every Sunday at 7:15PM Starts March 8

Recovery Based Yoga Meeting:

Yoga designed to enhance and support the “12 Steps.” ALL A’s welcome. This is not an official AA meeting. Anyone with a desire to address compulsive behaviors using the mind-body-spirit approach is invited, you do not have to identify as an “addict.”

Every Sunday @ 7:15PM. No fee. Donations accepted.

No one turned away. Bring your own supplies, or borrow ours. Led by Yochai W. a trained Y12SR certified instructor. Some weeks we may pair this offering with healing musical interventions (like sound bowls and more to come), participation is optional.  There will be no extra charge, so watch our listings/get on our free mailing list. Sample this offering at the upcoming HOPE Grand Re-Opening: Saturday, April 18, at 6-7PM.

Grand Re-Opening Event: Saturday, April 18, 11AM-7PM

Join us! See the full schedule here and RSVP. Complementary demonstrations, music, food, premiere of the Healing Art Gallery and much more.

Holistic Registry Event: Psychometry Readings with Brandie Kae-Psychic Medium, Friday, February 28 @ 7 PM

What is the Holistic Registry? Bi-Monthly presentations in the fields of holistic health and metaphysics:

Join their page:

Join Brandie for a fun-filled evening of psychometry readings!

Psychometry involves reading the energy of an object, such as a piece of jewelry, picture, antique, etc.
If you have an object you’ve always wanted to know more about please bring it to the meeting! Make sure to bring an object that you can validate some of the information, but not necessarily all of the info.
We also ask that objects are fairly small in size.

Brandie will make every attempt to read as many objects as possible, even if your object isn’t choose for a reading this is a fun and interesting experience.

About Brandie;
Brandie Kae started work as a Psychic Medium about seven years ago, but her abilities started long before that. As a child she could always sense spirit. Through the years the connection with Spirit grew so strong it could no longer be ignored. “I use many different senses to connect to spirit, clairaudience and clairvoyance are some of my more intense senses. I gather as much information as possible so that I can deliver messages, and provide clarity.”


$10 @ the door. Please RSVP HERE:

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