Welcome to my showroom! Before I started making HOPE ART I expressed myself though mixed-media. You can browse some of my more thoughtful pieces and read about their origins. These pieces are not for sale, just to share. Comments welcome!

Collage: This piece was designed over 18 months. I wanted to create a platform for how my life could look and feel and be experienced differently.  This began with different sized canvases (instead of one large one) and using symbols that had previous meaning to me in new ways.  Creating this helped my heart heal and repositioned me to recreate myself, yet again. It hangs in our living room as a reminder that change manifesting on the outside MUST begin on the inside.

ALL the tools: This smaller collage lives at my Studio and reminds folks in the bathroom that if we focus on what we lack we give THAT energy. Instead, coming from a place of abundance helps us build, positively. In the tangible world there are small items of comfort that can help us feel cared for (which I leave for people to take in the bathroom). I believe art should be practical as well as inspiring.

Eating Disordered Brain: A fine lady, indeed, and she is a very personal statement for me. She represents what’s it’s like to walk through life with a brain in conflict, struggling to feel OK, to be enough and to own feelings of satisfaction and nurturing. As a life-long Recovering Compulsive Eater I know I am not alone, and I certainly want others to know they are not either. There is help, there is recovery.

House of my DREAMS: Who says collages have to flat? My 3-D vision board extravaganza started out as an anxiety calmer when the process of trying to find and purchase the right house became overwhelming. The backgrounds for all of the rooms and some of the back of the house came from photos I took while studying GIM in Charlottesville, VA, which makes sense because it’s a place where I learn a lot about myself and what  truly matters to me. In the end we found my 1891 Victorian, here in Redlands, and it looked very much like the creation of my heart, down to the chandelier and the old fashioned street lights.  “If you build it……..”