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Metaphysical Extravaganza!!! Sat 3-21 @ 12 PM

Mar 28, 2020 @ 12:00 am 3:00 pm

Experience 6 Amazingly Different Reading Modalities and 1 Magical Musical Experience!

Six of our premier psychic practitioners will showcase their individual talents highlighting various reading modalities:

Egg Readings (Limpia Readings) by Darlene Elliot
• Darlene will be providing us with the ancient spiritual technique of egg cleansing readings. Participants will have their energy infused into an egg which Darlene will then read and provide insight into different aspects of their lives.

Numerology Forecasts by Michele Andres
• Michele will give you personalized direction for the new year. Blending Numerology and Tarot, she will point out your personal number of the year and blend it with your corresponding tarot zone, providing you with a Tarot Compass reading, your GPS for success in 2020.

Messages from Your Loved Ones in Spirit by Brandie Kae
• Brandie will silently communicate with those in spirit. She will share the messages she receives with the group at large. In this way, the singular focus of traditional spirit communication is extinguished in exchange for widespread applicability.

Tarot Right “NOW” by Nicole
• Nicole will be using the tarot to provide you with the answers you need to hear now! She’ll be focusing on the circumstances which are currently affecting you the most, providing you with what you need to know to move forward.

Astrology by Ishtara
• Ishtara will be using your birth date, time, and location to provide you with astrological insights into your life. Through this process, she can inform you of aspects which are working for and against you.

Archetypal Minutes by Kathryn Leeman
• Kathryn will provide insight regarding how the archetype has influenced your soul’s journey and what it has come to teach you. Archetype readings can provide an understanding of life choices and feelings of empowerment.

Each of our practitioners will be providing two readings to the group. This will allow for their individuality and style to be highlighted thoroughly. Attendees will receive the opportunity for one of these readings based on a raffle system.

And if that wasn’t enough, after the panel, AmyLynn Dimaano founder of H.O.P.E Wellness Studio will be guiding everyone through a magical musical experience.

Extravagant Gift Away!
All those in attendance will be provided two take away gifts! First, Michele Andres will be providing everyone with a Reality Check reading designed to help you shift into the fast lane toward your ultimate destination! Second, Ishtara will be providing everyone with your personal Natal chart!

Discounted rates offered by participating practitioners to all attendees
Refreshments Served

* Seating is Limited

214 E. Olive Ave.
Redlands, CA 92373 United States