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Is that true? Karma, Reincarnation, Past Lives, Guides and more

Jan 31, 2020 @ 7:00 am 8:00 pm

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In the World of Woo (metaphysics, spirituality, energy healing, and paranormal) we hear and read so much confusion and conflicting information about what is and is not true, it’s hard to navigate the maze. If you have a personal esoteric, spiritual experience and one“expert” says it means one thing and the next expert says it means something totally different or that it was delusional, who are you going to trust?

So many books, blogs, social media posts, lecturers, organizations, and individuals put their beliefs out to the public as the only TRUTH, it’s confusing and often frustrating for a seeker looking for something that really IS true.

How do you safely run the gauntlet of this overload of contradictory or sometimes…out and out insanity… to get to something real and helpful?

Anita Burns will present different theories, beliefs, and schools of thought and bring insight into how you can determine if the presenters of all things woo are telling truth about their experiences, are misguided because of…, or out and out frauds.

Anita has been around the block a few times and traveled many roads looking for genuine insight, truth, and evidence. From being born psychic, having ET experiences starting at the age of 5, out of body flights her whole life, seeing and talking with spirits from the age of 4, having “physical visitations from angels, fairies, and devas, being targeted by “dark forces,” having vivid premonitions, studying with Yogi masters, chanting with Hindus, meditating with Buddhists, travels to the mystical spots on the earth, mastering mystical arts, having vivid recall of verified past lives, and so much more, she has a unique perspective on the mystical, magical, esoteric, and paranormal.

On the other hand, Anita also has a deep respect for science and how it relates to the mystical. “Everything, from ghosts to magick is scientific, they just operate under scientific laws that are not yet fully understood.”

So, come and join the discussion. Bring your questions, your “weird” experiences, your “Aha” moments, your doubts, and your philosophies. Anita will offer her insight from the vantage point of her near 70 years of experience in this wonderful world of Woo.

Some topics that always bring a lot of questions are:
Karma, Reincarnation, and Past Lives
Guides and Angels
Astral planes (afterlife), Spirits, ghosts, crossing over, the “light”
Is there linear time or are we all experiencing everything at once
Atlantis and Lemuria
Energy healing, i.e. Reiki, and others

What else do you want to discuss? Bring your questions to the table.

$10 @ the door, please RSVP!

$10.0010.00 at the door

HOPE Wellness Studio

214 E. Olive Ave.
Redlands, CA 92373 United States
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