May 1, 2020

Core Belief #1: I Can Always Redefine Myself!


All the effort we expend trying to change others, even when it works, is meaningless if we cannot control ourselves. But that is where the real magic lies in this human experience! It isn’t about making rabbits appear and disappear; it’s about making feelings come and go at will. Controlling our impulses. Becoming who we want to be. And, like all magic, it starts with a spell. A statement about who and what we want to create. 


The spells that create Quality of Life (whether high or low) are our belief statements. What do you believe about God? Give me a word or two…What do you believe about humans? Men? Women? Life itself? Is it cruel? Is it beautiful? Maybe a bit of both? What you believe makes the difference between success and failure. Or, put another way, what you truly believe is always successful at manifesting in your reality. So look at your life. Which areas do you most like the results you’re getting? These are the one where you have supportive core beliefs…








In which area or two is there the biggest gap between what you want to create and what you have created so far? Changing the quality of that life category will begin by reading the following list. I truly believe that these “magic spells” are so powerful that ONE readthrough will make a difference for you. The more thoughtful, the better, of course. The more repetition, the better. But do what feels good! If you only want to read it once then enjoy and SO BET IT! Today’s list of I-statements is a fleshing out of the Core Belief #1 in my Believe to Succeed system: I Can Always Redefine Myself. 

Which three statements do you most resonate with? Write them down and look at them later! That’s it. Believe it or not, transformation doesn’t have to be grueling work. Affirmations work like magic because that’s what they are! 


  1. I derive great energy from reconciling so-called opposites within myself.
  2. I thrive on the charge that is generated when I work with people who see the world differently than I do.
  3. I know where to put my mind so I can manifest the most meaningful and enjoyable reality for myself.
  4. I shine in a way that illuminates rather than alienates or overwhelms; my light may be gentle but it is mighty too!
  5. The Universe nourishes me; I am never separated from the sources of my sustenance.
  6. I am self-reliant yet tapped into unlimited powers beyond me.
  7. My life is my favorite masterpiece; a work in progress that is a true pleasure to create.
  8. I carry unlimited potential within me.
  9. Everything happens for a reason, or can be designed so that it has one.
  10. My Calling is my own creation; like an artist, I sound it out in confidence and serenity.
  11. I see through the mundane details of Human Life; they are my portal to the magical, mystery tour that is the Universe.
  12. I see just as much magic in silence and so-called emptiness as I do in sound and form.
  13. My inactivity is just as much a part of my Higher Power’s plan as my action; the two dance together to honor my life’s Purpose.
  14. My so-called failures and dead-ends are gifts that get me closer to my heaven on Earth.
  15. I am motivated and driven at just the right pace for me, and for the Universe.
  16. I ground my ideas so they become practical realities in my world.
  17. I am revitalized and determined as I redefine myself. As a person, healing practitioner, artist and magic-maker.
  18. I have direct access to the inner strength required for leaving the past behind and starting fresh.
  19. I have the magic within to take the circumstances given to me and form them into fulfilling situations and experiences.
  20. I have the courage and resolve to assert myself in ways that are both caring and powerful. 
  21. I am filled with the vital and virile rebirth of my Inner Springtime.
  22. I am aligned with my Higher Self as I continue to evolve and develop myself.
  23. I trust my body’s intelligence and heed its messages with love and respect. 
  24. I am balanced, valuing my physical, mental and spiritual forms of wisdom and strength.
  25. My strength is sensible and sustainable; I am patient with myself and the processes I submit myself to.
  26. I thrive on the burst of power new behavior gives me.
  27. I release what I no longer need, making a great trade as I receive an influx of new possibilities.
  28. I love the boost in morale new ideas bring me, especially ones about who I now choose to be.

That’s it, my friends. That all that needs to be said. Bless you and may you relish as many steps in your evolution as possible!

(Author’s Note: Many affirmations inspired by the work of Kenneth Meadows)