Art That Brings HOPE

HOPE is a word and concept that has great personal meaning to me. It all started with an orange and cream colored kitten that seemed to magically appear in my yard on the same day my aggressive dogs were being put down by animal control many years ago. I named him HOPE because I desperately needed some, and, he did bring it in many ways. This experience led to a deepening of my spiritual beliefs and special connection to seeking out and consistently recreating HOPE in my life. Once practiced at this skill I wanted to bring it to others, and so I named my Music Therapy practice after it (Helping Others Purposely Evolve) and I try to live my life by its principles.

My dining room is an ART room. Non-traditional, I know, but it’s my happy place and the room in my home where I re-energize my own HOPE. This process has been so powerful for me personally that organically I began creating pieces that were “HOPE” oriented in nature. HOPE boxes were born after other similar types of boxes I’ve seen that help people direct intentions, worries, etc. I believe they are a wonderful tool to CREATE or BRING HOPE and positivity. As I grow in my art making more avenues of expression emerge. If the point of art is to uplift, inspire and stir, then I want to contribute to this energy in a way that targets the spirit and connection to something bigger. I call this something GOD, but you may use a different word. If art can encourage you to believe in something, than it has served well. The idea that HOPE is abundant, a choice, a verb, a way to live, in constant regeneration, connected to spirit directly and basically available to anyone who needs it is the idea behind ART that BRINGS HOPE. Energy follows intention. That being said, let’s intentionally bring hope anywhere and everywhere. My experiences in life lead me to believe it is needed and there is great suffering on the planet. Be a force for good, bring hope.