June 2, 2020

an i-Ching reading for challenging times

Hello H.O.P.E. Family!

I just had to share with you the results of a recent i-Ching session we used as an opener for a recent Qigong Zoom Group. Before I do, here is a quick recap of what the i-Ching is:

  • The Book of Changes (i-Ching) is a book of ancient Chinese Wisdom, particular useful in times of major transitions. You know, like NOW.
  • Choosing which chapter is most appropriate is done using chance, similar to the Biblical practice of casting lots.
  • The concerns we brought up as a Qigong group had to do with being in COVID-19 quarantine as well as pursuing health through tools like qigong and herbology.
  • The chapter we got was perfect: Change #59: Dissolving Tensions and Toxins

There are many versions of the Book of Changes (i-Ching) but the one I am currently enjoying is called The Little Book of Changes by Peter Crisp. Anytime I read good spiritual writing that I want internalize, I just go through the reading and turn its statements into affirmations, including any adjustments I want to make to personalize it further. That’s what I did below. It’s a great way to take something you like and add your own spin…

  1. My love dissolves the barriers created by pride and ego. 
  2. I am a breath of fresh air in my community.
  3. Like the season of Spring, I bring hope and renewal to myself and my world.
  4. I release blocks and dissolve barriers; I am an agent of healing. 
  5. I am creating a sanctuary where love reigns in my home, my heart and my world.
  6. My gentle devotion to life and love helps smooth the hard edges of life. 
  7. I help dissolve tensions by cultivating a sense of awe, wonder and celebration.
  8. I hear the music in the Universe and I can’t help but dance and sway along. 
  9. I trust my intuitions and, as I do, I am used to bring restoration and fellowship into my world. 
  10. I embrace whatever helps me feel content and fully alive! 
  11. I am the one who brings recovery to my community. I am the healer in my world. The solutions I come up with are exactly what my world needs. I can trust this as I share what I used to keep inside.

There you have it, my friends! What do you think? I think it is fascinating how timely this reading got right AFTER it was given to us. This was before the death of George Floyd.

We are curious to know which affirmations resonate with you the most? Reach out to mattmintz@musicempowers.com and let us know!


Matt Mintz