Recovery Based Yoga Meeting: Every Sunday at 7:15PM

Limited space for appropriate and healthy social distancing. Group is limited to 8 people at this time so we are requiring $5 to hold your spot, even though this is a community/donation group. It’s necessary due to the Covid restrictions.

Yoga designed to enhance and support the “12 Steps.” ALL A’s welcome. This is not an official AA meeting. Anyone with a desire to address compulsive behaviors using the mind-body-spirit approach is invited, you do not have to identify as an “addict.”

Every Sunday @ 7:15PM. . Donations accepted.

No one turned away. Bring your own supplies, or borrow ours. Led by Yochai W. a trained Y12SR certified instructor. Some weeks we may pair this offering with healing musical interventions (like sound bowls and more to come), participation is optional.  There will be no extra charge, so watch our listings/get on our free mailing list. 

Holistic Registry Event: An Evening with an Intuitive Spirit Baby Whisperer, Friday, 7-31, 7-8PM


What is the Holistic Registry? Presentation in the fields of holistic health and metaphysics. HOPE hosts on several Friday evenings every month! Join their Meet up Group:


Tonight Holistic Registry presents something new! A modality you’ve probably never considered before! This evening Olga Garcia will share with us her practice of Baby Spirit Whispering.

Olga has the unique ability to be able to communicate with infant souls in a practice she calls Baby Spirit Whispering. Tonight she will share with us the highlights of Baby Spirit Whispering, the ways in which she receives messages from the Baby Spirit World, and the benefits associated with this practice.

Through her practice, Olga hopes to help men, women, and couples explore a whole new world of connection with their babies spanning from before conception, throughout pregnancy, and after birth.

So join us tonight for a unique experience as we explore the Baby Spirit World!

EVENT FEE: $15 @ the door. Cash preferred.

Holistic Registry Event: Self-Care Using Acupressure to Alleviate Stress, Tension and Pain, Friday, August 7, 7PM

Used for thousands of years, acupressure is based on the same principles as acupuncture to promote relaxation and wellness and to treat disease.

Traditional Chinese medical theory describes meridians, invisible channels in your body that carry energy called qi (ch’i). They begin at your fingertips and connect to your brain and then an organ or networks of organs to create a communication system. When one of these meridians is blocked or out of balance, you get sick. Acupressure uses specific points along these meridians to help restore balance.

Join us this evening as Cheryl Vasquez shares with us this valuable information and demonstrates this process, which you will be able to follow along and practice on yourself. Learning to identify how the body is communicating with you and feel the response from your body letting you know “yes, that’s the spot, ”

If you don’t want to be dependent on pharmaceuticals and over the counter products, there may be something new here that you can add to your medicine bag. Hope to see you for this “feel good” session,.

You can find out more about Cheryl Vasquez by going to her website:
Holistic Registry Event Fee – $15

This evening’s Astral Travel group experience will be either:

⇛ in-person at HOPE in Redlands, California
(a covid-19 prevention compliant environment)
Pay $15 cash at the door


⇛ live & online via Michele’s Virtual Reality Zoom Room
Pay $15 online via PayPal. Link provided to paid attendees.

Hypnotherapy Demo Night with Matt: Friday, August 14 @ 6-7 PM

Hypnotherapy is fun, user-friendly and profoundly powerful. It works as effectively as turning on a light switch. And almost as fast!


Hypnotherapy will help you…


  • Relax instantaneously
  • Release pain
  • Feel young again
  • Surrender what you cannot control
  • Change what you want to improve in yourself
  • Access your bliss!


Join us for a demonstration that will lift your spirits and put a smile on your face. Certified Hypnotherapist Matt Mintz will be your guide on a magical inner journey. It will give you direct connection with your body’s wisdom, ancient insights and your ideal self. You will leave a couple steps closer to your goals and dreams and, most importantly, with the sense that you are exactly where you are supposed to be in your Life Journey.

Seated QiGong: Monday, August 17 at 6-715 PM, (every 3rd Monday PM) in person AND Zoom available

Seated Qigong Made Easy with Matt Mintz, C. Ht., CADC-I

Limited seated to provide a safe atmosphere for all, social distancing appropriate! Please reserve your spot. $10

Most (if not all) of the movements can be done seated. Beginners are very welcome! Qigong will help you shield yourself from toxic energy, fill you up with healthy and energy and keep it flowing.


Matt has been practicing and teaching the Chinese moving meditation called Qigong for over a decade. Qigong is a close relative to Tai-Chi.  It is an ancient set of exercises designed to wash the internal body thereby clearing the energy channels from blockages and strengthening the internal organs and Qi or energy.

Here’s what Qigong will give you:


  • Peace and serenity
  • A physical connection with your Higher Power (called Direct Prayer)
  • Increased flexibility and fewer injuries (Matt cured his own Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Qigong alone)
  • The magical feel of your life force as it flows through your hands

Matt has made it easy-to-learn, intensely effective and, most of all, FUN!. He has learned a multitude of poses over the years. And thrown out most of them! He will ONLY teach you the ones that are powerful, effective and easy-to-learn


Questions? Want to chat with Matt?  Please RSVP. or call 909-572-1019

HOLISTIC REGISTRY EVENT: Oracle Card Readings, Fri, August 21, 7-8PM

 What is the Holistic Registry? Bi-Monthly presentations in the fields of holistic health and metaphysics:

Join their page:


Have you ever wondered about the Oracle card decks you see at Barnes & Noble or at your local metaphysical store? Beyond the 78-card decks of the Tarot and its relatively-strict format, there are Oracle cards that can help to authentically enlighten and uplift you on this journey called Life!

At this event we will be discussing the open-ended and free-form qualities of the Oracle (like cards from my Animal Spirit and Life Purpose decks) and ways you, too, can come to beneficial and sometimes startling revelations about your own life and approaches you can take to improve it.
Oracle cards are useful for anyone looking for answers and meaning. They provide powerful messages to encourage positive thinking and change.

Additionally you will be able to participate in card reading demos!
A few people will be chosen to show how Oracle cards work and some of their attached meanings.

We hope you join us and discover the Oracle and the many ways the wide variety of themes of the cards may help you progress toward more peace, health, joy, and abundance!

Ellen Drummonds is a Tarot and Oracle card reader who draws intuitive inspiration from the energy of those who seek guidance from the cards. I have an in-depth knowledge of the chakra system, astrology, and numerology and their respective correspondences in esoteric practice, specifically the Tarot. I aim to highlight the innate potential for radiant greatness of each individual I meet.


$15 @ the door, PLEASE RSVP

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